Unlike many restaurants and bars in the Los Angeles County area, Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant has stood the test of time. Starting out in the 1940’s, this South Bay classic situated on the corner of Rosecrans and Highland offers great interpretations of classic Mexican dishes for the Manhattan Beach faithful. Not to mention some great live entertainment from stand up comedy to karaoke to live classic rock music. But how do you present this online? That was Pancho’s dilemma. Their previous website did not represent the restaurant well and featured outdated technologies like Flash. dataTV, a long time leader in designing website experiences for restaurants, was called on to save the day. dataTV streamlined the design, added HTML5 animation, a unique and responsive dining menu and also used elements from the restaurant itself to create the look and feel of actually being in Pancho’s. Albeit we couldn’t make virtual burritos and margaritas. Maybe some day.

What we used
WordPress | RevSlider (HTML5 Animation) | Event Calendar | Dynamic Dining Menu