HTML5 Web Design

Sure, all web design studios and agencies provide web design. However, most studios don’t look forward into the future of web design. While not standard yet, HTML5 and CSS3 are poised to be the future of design creation and composition for the web. dataTV is already creating HTML5 compatible websites for many of our clients in order to take advantage of enhanced audio and video, better markup and positioning and animation and transition features. While HTML5 and CSS3 are currently in a transitional period from current HTML4 and CSS2 based design, dataTV is creating fallbacks so users on older, more traditional web browsers can view your site with no issues. dataTV has been going strong since 1996 by constantly looking into the crystal ball and finding the future of the web. And you get to benefit.

Mobile Web Design / Animation

Ever since the iPhone came out in 2008, “mobile” has become the major buzzword around most web agencies. dataTV has been designing in the mobile medium since 2003! We’ve taken mobile design from offBeat Publications (the first news site of any kind in the State of Louisiana)  to creating mobile online ordering for Tender Greens Restaurants, to designing CSS3 animated and interactive presentations for the Ford Motor Company. By 2015, more people will be surfing the web on some form of mobile device than on a traditional computer. Don’t miss out! Make sure your site is mobile-friendly and mobile-ready!


dataTV began producing e-commerce based websites in 1998. We’ve seen e-commerce evolve from hard coding URLs into a true, database driven system with Content Management Systems in place, making it super easy for our clients to update, add & delete items from their stores and obtaining their orders online. dataTV can get you completely set up from obtaining a Secure Socket Layer Certificate (SSL) to finding the right type of shopping cart for you. We can even create a mobile template so people can order from your site on the go.

Social Media

Social Media has become the biggest trend on the web in the last five years. If you don’t have Facebook and Twitter accounts by now, you’re lost in the shuffle. But what about other social media sites? What about Pinterest? Or Instagram? Is Vine that vital? Or Keek? What do these sites do, anyway? Do you really need a six second video? You just might. Which choices are right for you and your business? How can you post simultaneously to a variety of sites all at once? What about setting up all of your Tweets in advance and timing them to display much like a DVR? dataTV can help you find the social networks you most need to be on and inform you which ones to avoid. We can help you make your posts go viral, get retweeted, and increase your fan & follower numbers.