dataTV turns 15!

dataTV 15th Anniversary

Hard to believe but in a beachside house in Margate, New Jersey on a Commodore Amiga 2000HD , I uploaded an index.html file from a 28.8 baud modem on Earthlink, and with that this website was born. I remember it all too well as coming from the world of Broadcast Design, I had beaten the majority of many major studios to the punch. Some by weeks and some by years. I even coined my studio a “Webcast Design” studio which now sounds pretty ridiculous but I thought it was a cool name.

So here I am now in 2011 surviving dot-com booms and busts, stock market upheavals, real estate fallouts, oil upticks, four different cities and of course, a hurricane. I’m still out there making my way through the muck of the interwebs and still chugging.

Today, I’m relaunching this website for a new era. And yes, it is long overdue. I’ve been really busy on projects from simple WordPress sites (well, they seemed simple!) to complex HTML5 and CSS3 animations for the burgeoning mobile market. Now you’ll be able to come here and see all my new work and yes, I’ll be ranting here just like the old days.

Once upon a time ago (i.e. when I had loads of free time since I wasn’t actually working), I “blogged” or  ranted on issues regarding the TV biz called in what I called “Rantz!”. Was a lot of fun and created a bit of a cult following. I may not design for TV anymore but I certainly can still comment about it. So if you’re expecting yet another tech blog talking about more social media issues or web design tips, that might be there but it’s not the only thing you’ll see. I plan to rant a lot on anything and everything on my mind. And it’s some mind I have in there! So it could be anything regarding popular culture, travel, sports, food and/or drink and of course, my business. You just never know. And of course, they’ll all go to my Twitter feed so I look forward to your following me there as well.

Meantime, I’ll grab some virtual cake or maybe just a can of buttercream frosting, a decent Hefeweizen and celebrate 15 years of doing this crazy thing!