Boxie Brands

Shopify / E-Commerce

dataTV loves working with food startups. In this case, we stretched the limits of the basic Shopify platform to create a store that is really three sites within the same Shopify account. Get ready for a treat! Good Boy!

Power Animal Pet Food

While many companies are migrating to the Shopify platform, there are still plenty of limitations in the software. One of those is the ability to create multiple sites within one Shopify account. That was the dilemma for Santa Monica-based pet food startup Boxie Brands. In the summer of 2020, they were ready to roll out three freeze-dried pet food lines; PowerAnimal, Monument, and Run Two Three. Being a startup, they wanted to use Shopify but didn’t want to have to create three completely different stores. What they needed was everything under one umbrella account, but in what amounted to three different designs-one for each product.

Boxie Brands Landing Page

dataTV went to work. We figured out solutions using Shopify’s Liquid framework to trigger the different layouts dependent on which URL the customer was on. We then had to make certain the site was accessible without using an excessive amount of Shopify Apps (plug-ins) for the store, a technique that many other Shopify sites utilize, which drastically slows down the page speed time and frustrates customers, sometimes to the point of abandoning their carts before completing the purchase. After an intensive series of testing, we succeeded in creating these three stores with one store, launching in the Fall of 2020.

Power Animal Freeze Dried Pet Food
Monument Freeze Dried Pet Food
Run Two Three Pet Foods

dataTV has become an expert in making the most of every single feature Shopify offers, and we are so proud of the overall results. Let us help you develop your next Shopify store.