Brothers at War was conceived originally as a documentary by noted filmmaker Jake Rademacher as an intimate portrait of an American family during a turbulent time. His own. Looking at how his two brothers handled the pressure and stress of being part of the United States military serving in Iraq. The movie was well-received and eventually appeared on Showtime.

In 2013, Jake refocused Brothers at War into a Resiliency program for people getting back from the Gulf and having to deal with issues now that they were back home. dataTV re-engineered his site to focus on those efforts, while still maintaining the look at feel of the original Flash-based site. All Flash elements were removed and in it’s place, Adobe Edge Animate was used to present the video content, Jigoshop brought in the e-commerce, and WordPress, originally designed for just the blog, was now powering the site full-time.

To this day, Jake and his team from BAW are still touring the country, helping out veterans as they adapt to civilian life.

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What we used
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