Tattoo Tequila

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Find out how dataTV mixed up this spirited site from a barely operational site on one platform to a winning formula on another for this up and coming Organic Tequila brand.

Tattoo Organic Tequila Cocktails

Tattoo Tequila is an award-winning artisan crafted small batch organic spirits brand with a mission: creating a super premium organic tequila using the very highest quality USDA Certified organic Blue Agave from Jalisco, Mexico. The brand has won numerous awards for superior quality and can be readily found in many stores and restaurants across the United States. But while Tattoo Tequila is a premium brand with edge & style, their website was anything but. Developed on a low end platform, with the mobile version virtually non-functional on mobile devices, CEO “Tequila John” Atanasio reached out for assistance, only to be deserted and left in the lurch midway through the process by the company he’d hired to help him (sound familar?). Based in Maui, Tequila John loves to mix it up with the locals and can be often spotted hosting tequila tastings, signing bottles at a local store or just talking tequila. We met John at the Big Island Chocolate Festival in Hawaii, on business with another client, and the rest was history, with dataTV completely redesigning and relaunching the site upon returning to the Mainland. 

The new Tattoo Tequila site reflects the rebellious, rock & roll nature of the brand, featuring music videos (highlighted by their collaboration with the Grammy Award nominated band Bones UK), craft cocktail recipes and animation. You can also glimpse layouts of the brand’s future nightclub and bar concepts, and of course order some fine organic tequila shipped right to your door.

Tattoo Tequila CEO, “Tequila John” Atanasio (a Maui resident) set out 8 years ago with the goal of crafting a “Super Premium Tequila” that would use the highest grade of organic Blue Weber Agave available in the World and to use the best ingredients available to develop “The Champagne of Tequilas.” Tattoo Tequila today has legitimate brand positioning as a leader in the Craft Spirits sector.We successfully relaunched the sites two months later.

Today, Tattoo Tequila is a hot seller and as the United States continues to open up, the brand should be making a spirited return to bars and liquor retailer across the country very shortly.