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How’s this for an extreme makeover? dataTV was asked by a Pacific Palisades online shop built in Shopify, which was originally called Essie Collection, and to take their current site and redesign it.

The previous site was far too simple. It didn’t give the customer an idea of what to purchase, how to order something, or even sign up for their all-important email lists. No wonder it was not converting!

No biggie, right? dataTV has created and redesigned numerous sites in Shopify for fashion mavens. So this was nothing new, right?

Oh, they wanted the new design in 48 hours.

It was due to an important fashion show they were involved in. They were too embarrassed to present the current site at the show. So dataTV got to work. Thanks to lot of communication (and a lot of caffeine), dataTV met the deadline! Two days after initial designs, the site went live in time for their show.

While it’s too premature to truly generate results, the site already is bringing new customers…and more importantly…orders to the site. Another great Shopify redesign from dataTV.

Uh, just don’t ask us to do it in 48 hours…perhaps 96…

What we used
Shopify | Responsive Web Design