ClarityMD Clear Skin Formula

ClarityMD Clear Skin Formula

dataTVhas upgraded many, many websites to create their success stories. But how about downgrading one?

That’s what happened when Long Beach Skin Care company Envy Medical came to dataTV in the Summer of 2017. Their only true e-commerce website at the time, ClarityMD Clear Skin Formula, was built on the powerful Magento platform. Which is a great and powerful e-commerce platform we’ve even used ourselves (see Tender Greens). However, typically Magento is meant to power sites on huge servers with hundreds and hundreds of products for sale.

ClarityMD was only selling six. That’s right. SIX.

And worse yet, the previous agency made it difficult for Envy’s staff to maintain the site themselves. Much less synchronize with their fulfillment providers. They didn’t even make the site mobile-friendly enough! Their navigational system for mobile didn’t function properly and sales were likely lost as a result.

So dataTV actually redid the site. Eliminating Magento altogether and bringing in the power of WordPress and WooCommerce to provide the easier-to-use and maintain solutions for the team down in the LBC.

Results? A much more streamlined process and Envy staff now have the abilities to maintain the site themselves after we provided some training at their sister location in Chatsworth, CA.

Shortly thereafter, dataTV helped integrate e-commerce and additional features, like a Create-Your-Own flyer application, into the flagship Envy Medical site.

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What we used
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