Estrella TV

Liberman Broadcasting in Burbank, CA owns a variety of television and radio stations across the US. The TV stations are tied together as a Spanish Language network called Estrella TV. The network is available on a variety of cable systems and also DirecTV.

In 2012, dataTV started work on the iOS and Android apps for the network. The goal was to allow for the network to take their TV shows and news segments online and make them accessible to anyone, anywhere. Initially using clips from their YouTube channel, eventually the switch was made to incorporate videos placed on the Brightcove streaming service.

In addition, pre-roll areas were created to present commercials on the fly in between segments and the start of some episodes.

The content for these sections were produced by incorporating Estrella TV’s pre-existing Silverstripe Content Management System into both apps.

In addition, the apps also provided the ability to listen to LBI’s live radio streams directly through the app (iOS only) and also learn about upcoming events, promotions and contests as well.

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