Tender Greens is one of the fastest rising Fast Casual restaurant operations running anywhere in North America. It’s ability to produce fresh-tasting, organic free cuisine at affordable prices has been one of the most admired restaurant concepts going.

With such innovation in the food arena, Tender Greens wanted to do the same thing in the online arena. They wanted to produce an online ordering system, not from some white labeled third-party, and not from some kind of ‘mall’ of restaurants you’d find in some app. They had that and they were not happy. Tender Greens wanted a system that could do exactly what it wanted and make it easy for customers to order their great tasting food online.

In 2010, dataTV helped to produce such an innovative system. One that is still in use to this today. The system allows customers to select a location, order their meal and then pay with their credit card. Sure, you’ve heard this before, but many ‘online-ordering’ systems use PayPal or a similar credit card processor, which means the orders do not sync with their Point-of-Sale (POS) system. Tender Greens’ has worked with its’ POS since day one of our operation.

The results have been very successful. In busy locations, where people wait in line outside the restaurant just to make an order, the online ordering system has eliminated that wait. People love the convenienceā€¦and of course they love the food.

We’re pleased to have helped Tender Greens reach out to its customer base like they never have before.

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