Versailles on Ovation TV

Ovation TV in 2016 acquired the US Television rights to a new historical-based series from France cable TV provider, Canal+. The series, entitled Versailles, is a drama that details the history of the era around France’s King Louis XIV. The series was a huge hit in Europe and one of the largest acquisitions by Ovation at that time.

In order to promote the series, Ovation made the decision to go beyond the standard process of designing a page on the main Ovation website and instead, create an entire new site for the show to gain maximum exposure,

Already having worked on several sites for the network, dataTV was called upon to create a microsite for the show. The site would launch three months prior to the US TV debut, in order to effectively promote the show as editorial pieces were being written in publications like Entertainment Weekly and TV shows like Entertainment Tonight already.

The site gives visitors a chance to view trailers and other video clips from the show, interviews with actors and producers, the ability to locate Ovation TV’s channel position in their area, and produce two contests for Ovation TV viewers to win a trip to France. One was designed for a nationwide audience and the other was geared exclusively for Cox Communications system in the Fairfax, Virginia area.

Once the first season concluded, the site was altered to prepare people for Season 2 in the Fall of 2017. Additional changes will be made in the Summer to accompany the changes in the storyline and prepare viewers for the upcoming season.

View Versailles on Ovation TV

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